SEO-friendly blog post checklist


I've created this blog post checklist for you to use to make sure your blog posts are SEO-friendly. 

  • Do you know the keyword you are trying to rank for?

  • Is your blog post title between 40-69 characters?

  • Is your meta description between 160-320 characters?

  • Is your keyword in the blog post title?

  • Is your keyword in the first 100 words of the blog post?

  • Have you checked the readability of your blog post?

  • Have you used heading tags throughout your post?

  • Have you linked to other content on your blog on similar topics

  • Have you optimised your images?

  • Have you used descriptive file names for your images and used your keyword?

  • Does your post have a call to action at the end?

This is just a starter selection of SEO tips. Below I've included some links to a few articles which can help further improve your blogging. 

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