Social media

Frustrated by social media? Putting loads of time into posting on Facebook and Instagram and not seeing any results?

It’s not just you!

Most people feel the same way. They’re struggling with social media because they’re lacking a strategy behind their content, and don’t see the bigger picture in their marketing efforts. Facebook and Instagram are reducing their organic reach and driving people towards paid promotions. Paid promotion is great for your business provided you’re setting up your ads properly.

But what about your organic reach on social media?

I can create a monthly social media content calendar for you so your social media content fits with everything else you’re doing in your business. So you don’t have to spend hours trying to come up with ideas of what to post. So you’re not panicking about posting in peak times when you could be focussing on your business.

Or, I can create an ongoing social media strategy to make sure your content is reaching the right kind of people.

While I don’t carry out social media management myself, I work with a number of great freelance social media managers if your business needs support in that area.