Living, breathing local business - my pledge for 2019

Living, breathing local business - my pledge for 2019

I’m excited that 2019 is here because it feels like a fresh start which is always a good thing!

Last year was a really intense year, I had a lot of learning experiences, challenges and big life lessons. Mostly I learned a lot about myself. I’m really excited about the direction my business is taking this year. I’ll write more about that soon!

I’ve decided to make a pledge this year to support local, independent businesses for as much of my shopping/spending as I possibly can. Independent businesses are what I really love about Glasgow (and other cities), and I really want to support these businesses financially. I already have a “rule” that I only write about indie businesses on my food blog, and I’m proud to say all my clients are indie.

So from now on, when I’m eating and drinking around Glasgow, I’ll only be spending my pennies and pounds in indie businesses. To be honest, I mostly do this anyway but want to really stick to that resolution for the year. Over Christmas, I was really chuffed to buy 95% of gifts from indie businesses (I’ve included a mini round up at the end of this post if you’re looking for some gift ideas for the year!).

In terms of day-to-day life, it’s easy to rely on chain coffee shops like Starbucks for meetings but I’ll be doing my utmost to meet in some of the great indie coffee shops in Glasgow instead. Same goes for lunch meetings! Where do I like to meet? Recently I’ve been to Kaf and Five March and will be trying as many new places as possible this year. Plus I plan to get back to writing The Glasgow Food Blog ASAP with my discoveries. Stay tuned.

So, that’s my pledge for the year. If you have any tips, tricks or recommendations – I’d love to hear them! I also want to try to do more food shopping at local places, like Locavore rather than a big supermarket.

Businesses I shopped with for Christmas 2018:

Tom Pigeon - a wonderful designer I met at the One Girl Band event last year, I’ve now got myself quite the Tom Pigeon collection - pieces for me, and for friends!

Fox & Star - I’m a stationery addict and picked up a few things here as gifts. I found this place as I was looking for Japanese-inspired stuff and this place has a great range.

404 Ink - I decided to buy books for all my family in Australia and ordered books directly from the publisher rather than via Amazon. I got Chris McQueer books for my two brothers, and the Jeff Goldblum book for my pal Lynsay Loves.

Present & Correct - more stationery, yes!

Lola Polooza Design - This Christmas she released a Scottish gig calendar which was the perfect gift for my gig-obsessed husband! (PS the calendar is now on sale if you want one!)

Bonnie Bling* - I like to be as transparent about who I work with, so my disclaimer here is that I do freelance work for Bonnie Bling! But I have been a fan of her stuff for YEARS and her Black Friday mystery box was amazing!

I hope you enjoyed this list! Please note this isn’t a definitive list of indie businesses I love – but just a few I shopped with recently!

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