What's on the cards for 2018

I started writing this post on the 8th of January, then I blinked, and now it's February. And that's a good thing - everything I was going to write back then has already changed. When you work in digital marketing you need to be able to adapt – things can change overnight. For example, Instagram finally changed their API to allow for fully-automated scheduling last week which is a huge relief for social media managers everywhere. 

Day Two

Yesterday I announced setting up my own business and I couldn't believe the amount of traffic and enquiries I received. I didn't think January was the time to tout for business but maybe it is – there's a lot of people thinking about the year ahead and now's the time to start making plans for marketing and social media.

Day One

So I'm here on day one of my brand new business and I thought it might be useful to someone if I wrote a little bit about how I got here (it won't be my life story, I promise).