SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimisation is my speciality. I love helping clients to get more organic traffic from Google.

If you find SEO daunting, I’ll help demystify it for you. I'll help to improve your ranking in Google while explaining all the ins-and-outs of Search Engine Optimisation in an easy to understand way. 

My SEO audit provides you with a clear insight into how well your website is performing, how to improve your ranking and get more customers.

How does the SEO audit work?

We’ll have a 1-1 consultation at my office in Merchant City (or by Skype if you're not in Glasgow). This normally takes about an hour, and I’ll answer all your questions.

You'll get a detailed report to take away, so that you can make the changes yourself. This report includes:

  • Your current rankings

  • Competitor research

  • Backlink audit

  • Technical SEO

  • A step-by-step list of action points to correct any issues

  • Copywriting

  • Usability

  • Speed testing

What about social media?

I also offer a complete digital marketing audit which includes your social media accounts, reviews across the internet and more.

How quickly can I get the SEO audit done?

The SEO audit is completed with a one-week turnaround, meaning you'll get the answers you're looking for quickly and without any worry. Need it quicker? Just let me know and I’ll make it happen.

What other people have to say about my SEO audits:

"[The SEO audit] confirmed some of the things I had already known, Briony gave me a lot to think about as well as some good suggestions for how to take steps forward. 

Some of them should be really easy to implement which will give me a good feeling of satisfaction once I do them!

It was really handy to have someone on the outside independently look at my website as sometimes I am too close, plus when it comes to SEO I definitely feel a little lost once I get past some of the basics." - Laura Hewitt from Habiib.


What’s included in the SEO audit?

I'll complete an SEO audit of your website. You'll get:

  • A written report about your website which includes: Google rankings, competitor analysis, speed testing and technical SEO recommendations. You can then take my recommendations and implement the changes yourself, or pass them to your developer. 

  • A one hour consultation with me in person at my office in Merchant City (or by Skype). I'll explain all of the SEO issues and answer questions you might have.

  • Guidance about creating great SEO-friendly content for your site and how to build backlinks in a natural way that Google will love.

  • An SEO audit is suitable for any kind of website: ecommerce, blog, portfolio or services-based businesses. I specialise in Squarespace websites but am also proficient with Wordpress, Wix and other website-builders.

  • Now available: pay in two installments - 50% on booking, 50% on the day of the audit.

  • Cost: £195: