My SEO & social media services

Do you find SEO daunting? I can help improve your ranking in Google while explaining all the ins-and-outs of Search Engine Optimisation in an easy to understand way. These packages provide you with a clear insight into how well your website is performing and how to improve your ranking and get more customers.

You'll get a consultation with me so I can explain everything in person (or by Skype if you're not in Glasgow). 

You'll get a detailed report so that you can make the changes yourself. I'll also provide a quote for me to take it off your hands, if you'd prefer.  

All of these services are completed with a two-week turnaround, meaning you'll get the answers you're looking for quickly and without any worry. 

SEO Audit (4).png

SEO audit - £175

I'll complete an SEO audit of your website. You'll get:

  • A written report about your website which includes: Google rankings, competitor analysis, speed testing and technical SEO recommendations. You can then take my recommendations and implement the changes yourself, or pass them to your developer. 
  • A quote for me to implement those changes for you, if you'd rather leave it to me to handle. 
  • A one hour consultation with me in person at my office in Merchant City or by Skype so that I can explain all of the SEO issues and chat about any questions you might have.  
  • Guidance about creating great SEO-friendly content for your site and how to build backlinks in a natural way that Google will love.  
SM and SEO audit (4).png

seo + social media audit - £300 

  • This combined package looks at both your website and your social media activities on three social media platforms.  
  • You'll receive a report into your website and social media as well as a 90 minute consultation with me in person at my office in Merchant City or by Skype.
  • This combined package is a saving of £50 off the price of the standalone packages above.
  • All of this completed with a two week turn-around.



Bespoke services

If you're looking for something different, please get in touch for other options. 

I also offer:

Website creation
Digital marketing strategy
Training sessions – SEO and social media
Event management and promotion